Ingo H. Doetsch

B.A. Chemistry, DePauw University 1965

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, University of North Carolina, 1970

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Victoria, Department of Chemistry 1970-1972

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of New Brunswick, Department of Chemical Engineering, 1972-1974

Artist Statement:

My interest in glass began during my academic years as a chemist when I was exposed to the amazing skills of the technical glass blowers at several universities. Either working on small delicate pyrex pieces, elaborate distillation columns or three stage oil vacuum pumps (that I employed in my work), the glass blowers constantly demonstrated their proficiency and their formidable skills. I spent what little idle time I had admiring, in awe, their prowess as they worked on fiery lathes, adding details to their work while maintaining the entire object bathed in fire, maintaining the balance to avoid those undesirable stresses that meant fracture and disaster. At that time the notion that I would spend most of my life engaged in glasswork of another kind was far from my mind.

But my academic life was short lived, and soon I found myself immersed in stained glass. My approach here was similar to that of my academic work. I thought of my shop as my lab . A place to explore the intricacies of design and of the various colors and textures of art glass. I brought my disciplined work ethic to my task and strove towards a high level of craftsmanship. Having not been formally trained in the arts, I found it a continual challenge to create new ideas and designs for our work. But in partnership with my wife, Julie, we met these challenges and continued to develop our skills. Soon our shop bulged at the seams with sandblasting, stone wheel engraving and cold working equipment as well as several kilns.

The purpose of all of this effort was initially to provide an income that would support our small family in our simple lives in the country. But our work in glass took on a of power of its own and now seems to rule our lives. At this stage with our children adults, we can focus on and explore new exciting areas of glass work, in particular, kilnwork. The financial imperatives have diminished and we are embracing our glass work with a revitalized energy.

This is reflected in our most recent work with the higher temperature concentric ring series of bowls. Their extensive cold working and intricate spiraling fusions of color sometimes appear almost primeval in appearance, sometimes evoke cosmic images, a witches caldron, or whatever a viewer is inspired to imagine. At the same time, however, we continue to explore more disciplined and formal designs, simple but elegant.


If art is intended to stimulate the senses, to raise more questions than answers, then we hope that our work will achieve those goals.


Ingo H. Doetsch, 2005

Ingo and Julie Doetsch:

Member New Brunswick Crafts Council 1978-2006

Member Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council 1986-1995, 2006

Member Prince Edward Island Crafts Council 1994-1995

Member Newfoundland and Labrador Crafts Development Association 1994-1995

Member Ontario Crafts Council 2003-2006

1985 Gertrude Duffie and Ivan Crowell Tapestry Award (for stained glass)

1988 World s Greatest Dad Certificate (Caleb Doetsch)

1989 New Brunswick Crafts Program Advisory Committee Appointee

1989 Best Booth Award Mactaquac Festival of Fine Craft

1997 Winner Atlantic Craft Trade Show competition for design and execution of Atlantic Craft Awards for Excellence (1997- 2008 )

2001 Best New Product Award New Brunswick Fine Craft Festival, Rothesay NB

2003 Honorable Mention Best New Product New Brunswick Fine Craft Festival, Fredericton

2003 Best Booth Award New Brunswick Fine Craft Festival, Rothesay, NB

2004 Participant - Guild Shop Contemporary Glassworks Exhibition

2005 Participant - Guild Shop Contemporary Glassworks Exhibition

2005 Best New Product Award New Brunswick Fine Craft Festival, Fredericton, NB

2005 Oudemans Christmas Choice Award

2006 Saint John Arts Centre Exhibition

2007 Lucent: A Survey of Canadian Contemporary Glass

2010 Best New Product - One of a Kind 33rd Annual NSDCC Summer Craft Show

Represented at:

Gallery 78, Fredericton, NB

Glass Artisans, Cabot Trail, NS

Handworks, Saint John, NB

Serendipin' Art, St. Andrews, NB

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